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Older past projects

One Laptop per Child 


We changed the lives of more than 10 million children directly, and more than 100 million children worldwide.  

This in creating the laptop they said couldn't be made and in our work at government level in over 100 countries worldwide in helping ministers of education worldwide see the vast opportunities that inexpensive computing can have in enabling childhood education.

Pixel Qi


Pixel Qi believes that the future of computing is about the screen, because increasingly it's all that we see when we look at a device, it takes 90% of the power, and the majority of the cost of a device.   

Pixel Qi is driving towards self-powered screens to create self-powered computing devices that can go anywhere and everywhere.  We are achieving this with the existing factory install base and influence on the factory roadmap through innovative design and extraordinary access to each process and of the fab.  We have shipped millions of screens.


MicroDisplay Corp


We were the first company created to commercialize LCoS  (Liquid Crystal on Silicon technology) and the first to get it into mass production in a factory we build just North of Berkeley, Ca in the mid-1990s.  Our devices were used  for head mounted displays similar to the type used in Google Glass, for rear-projection HDTV, and for telecom devices like cross-bar switches.  We also created innovative optical systems, drive systems, software and video interfaces.  

Art &



Mary Lou used to make holograms, first for art and display and then very technical ones - like co-creating the world's first holographic video system .  Mary Loudid that with a team of grad students at MIT and got her Master's degree for that work.  She has at times worked solely as an multi-media artist and supported herself this way.  Enjoy the images.








Pixel Qi first demo

Pixel Qi demo reel

On the Future of Learning

Big Think:  on OLPC

Demo of Pixel Qi first screens

Solve for X: Imaging the Mind's Eye

Readability and Legibility of screens

OLPC looking back

Pixel Qi:  first products

On Green Design

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