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I still get many emails about this and can't respond to each one.  I hope this is helpful




Getting the Medications we Need

My NYT Sunday Review Op-Ed seems to have struck a nerve. I use my personal story to discuss two main problems with healthcare


1. The fact that you need medication doesn't mean you can get a prescription, while the fact that you may have a prescription doesn't mean you can get the medication.

2. For those hewing carefully to briggs myers tests ... increase or restrict the availability of these neurochemicals and you can change the behaviors - personal traits and all - of the subject. 


I can't provide individual answers to all the email that I have recieved, but here are responses to the most frequently asked questions:


Q: Who is your Endocrinologist?


A: I have seen many doctors and see several these days.  I have been splitting my time between California, Boston and Taipei for the past few years and have physicians in all of these places. It's hard for me to recommend a specific one here; they all have their strengths.


Dr. Harriette Mogul from the Westchester County Medical Center was the one I spoke of in my article that tuned my levels carefully over 18 months in the late 1990s. 


Q: I also have to fight to get my meds - How can I help move this agenda forward?


A: This was the main reason I wrote this piece - the denial of this problem is widespread. We need to document how bad it actually is to be able to change it.   The next step for this is probably some kind of convocatoin to discuss in more detail.  Please email me if you wish to be added to information about this.


Q: Will you speak at my conference, on this program, etc. ?


A: I have a very demanding executive job at a large technology company working in an unrelated area.  I unfortunately can't accept many of the wonderful opportunities to speak because of the time it takes. However, I do pick a few every year and put every effort into making those speaking engagements great.  Please email me with these requests





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